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Dissapears in headmaster's office
"Why's the headmaster so happy?"

"Ah, that'd be the head girl"
by Darley October 02, 2003
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The common interpretation for head girl is associated with being appointed a high position of authority in their school and/or college. Yet there is a second definition that usually holds true but not many know about.

The second definition is that the head girl gives male pupilshead, hence the name. A lot of the male pupils will ask the head girl for her services, usually free of charge unless the girl has some self respect and will therefore charge a small fee.

In some cases the head girl has been seen to give the Headmaster pleasure, this is why most head girls are attractive but lack intelligence.

Bukkakes are popular at lunch times.

All head girls should have a badge which clearly states them as the head girl.
Peter: You're the head girl I see? You cost or free?

Charlie: Of course I am, no charge for you. *Winks and they both proceed to make their way to the disabled toilets... 10 minutes later... the service is complete and both leave the toilet happy and ful'filled'.*
by Pete616 April 06, 2011
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the girl you call up when you're in desperate need of head because you know they'll always do it
damn man I really need some head rn, bet I can call up my head girl
by God'sServant October 25, 2017
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