Words coming out of somebody's mouth which has no informational content
The consultant talks a good game but all thats coming out of his mouth is hawking radiation
by havocker May 10, 2010
Hawking radiation is a theory created by Steven Hawking that blew every scientists mind because for years everyone thought that nothing could escape a black hole and Hawking proved them wrong by showing that electromagnetic radiation could escape.
Hawking radiation proved a lot of sceintists wrong
by Soposh8r April 2, 2018
Hawking Radiation is known to be black-body radiation that many scientists or Hawking predicts that is predicted to be released by many black holes. It is also known to reduce the mass and rotational energy created by black holes and therefore is called or AKA black hole evaporation. Black holes that are known to not gain more mass would most likely vanish or automatically disappear and explode about two times the Hiroshima-Nagaski explosion combined.
Boy: Is Hawking Radiation Reliable?
Teacher: Yes, but there are some problems as known as the Trans-Planckian problem.
by Matthew Paano Torres June 25, 2020