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Deriving from "hawk a loogie" in which a slippery secretion from the nasal passage is evacuated through the mouth, this colloquialism has been used to mean:

1) the act of evacuating seminal fluid from the testes, prostrate, etc. through the vas deferens and the urethra—the ejaculatory result of masturbation or other means of penile stimulation

2) the act of evacuating seminal fluid (obtained through performing oral sex) from the nasal passage through the mouth—often after the result of attempting to pass the fluid through the throat
1) "Oh man, I've got the biggest boner right now. I really need to hawk to sploogie."

2) "I am dying to feel his cum travel down my esophagus, but every time I try to swallow, something goes wrong and I end up having to hawk a sploogie."

"The next time I give him head, I'll also give him a taste of his own medicine by hawking a sploogie in his mouth."
by nelmenger December 11, 2011
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