To describe a charicteristic of something or someone by comparing it to a hawk even when the subject you're describing has no similarity to a hawk.
"Did you see The Killers show last night?"

"Yeah, their bassist plays Like A Hawk"
by Josh Cooney October 24, 2008
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To describe a characteristic of something by relating it to a hawk, even when the Hawk is not known to share that characteristic.
Do you think your mom heard us? Yes, she has ears like a hawk.
by Joshua Cooney September 20, 2008
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Saying these magic words, one can subtly, yet cleverly admit one's tendencies towards the homosexual.

Similar to stating one's love of the hobby of humming.
"I like hawks!"
"You know how I know you're gay?"
"How? Because I like humming into other men?"
"No, because you like bird-watching."
by leifdaddy October 11, 2011
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