When somebody says something so stupid it's beyond repair. The act of being basic in the presences of a G.
Trina: Beyoncé 's hair is all hers no weave

Alicia: go have several seats
by CosmicWzrd November 4, 2015
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When somebody says/does something so unbelievably dumb that they need to just sit down, shut up, and not do anything else; when the stupid is so strong that just one seat will not do. Also can be used as an expression of self-disapproval when one has an unbelievably dumb thought.
1) Donald Trump: "I will build a giant wall that Mexico will pay for!"
Smart person: "Have several seats."

2) My boyfriend and I were talking about our futures, and he said he wants to do some things before graduating college but one depends on our relationship. After a few days at home on break, I'm starting to think he was talking about marrying me. We're both 16 and haven't even kissed yet. I need to have several seats.
by QueenZ122699 February 15, 2016
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