3 definitions by ebanddownfan

Guy Young, " I've put in my brownie points, now it's time to point some brownies."
Kenny Powers, "What does point some brownies mean?"
GY, "Fuck some girls in the ass"
by ebanddownfan July 5, 2017
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Coined by Nems aka the Mayor of Coney Island and made famous by Nems and sidetalknyc.
Yo Ivey, you looking good in that fyc.nyc hoody wit your face on it. Tell tgis dick dont ever disrespect me wearing that USA Polo Association shit, yeher. Fuck Ya Lyfe, Bing Bong.
by ebanddownfan December 20, 2021
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Have a drink of alcohol. Frequently heard in the HBO show The Wire.
"hey lieutenant, come have a taste"
"did you two stop for a taste?"
by ebanddownfan April 14, 2019
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