An afro-asiatic language spoken by Hausa people mainly in northern Nigeria
"Ka ko yi Hausa" = Learn Hausa
"Sunnu da zuwa gida" = Welcome home
"Say anjima" = Goodbye
by HausaKid April 1, 2006
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A fast deadly punch thrown in a downward arc towards the face of an unlucky receiver. This punch was probably invented by Mohammed when Abraham tried cutting his foreskin. Abraham probably fainted BTW. It is almost the same as a Yoruba punch just that the Yoruba punch has less effect.
Nigga 1: Oshiomole, watchout! Watch out! That nigga coming with the Hausa punch!
Nigga 2: Obasanjo, I can handle...
(Nigga 2 gets knocked tf out
by Cigo the god September 6, 2018
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