a common slang term used by Psycopathic's for "house"
IC fuckin' P's in the Haugh!(Hoo Hoo!)
by Joe You November 12, 2006
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A condition due to excessive consumption of alcohol leaving you to projectile vomit in public while talking to a bench who you think is your best friend, it will lead you to clutch the grass and hope you can crawl to the nearest bush as you do not know where the next projectile will emmit from. Shooting from both ends
Man did you see that guy?? He is Haughed

Guys you wanna see this I think someone was Haughed last nite, Puke and shit all over the place!
by The Haughmeister November 07, 2010
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interjection, Exclamatory phrase uttered at a state of surprisal or shock. Derived from the sound of Homer Simpson's scream from the Simpsons.
Haugh!, What the hell is that!
by DannY April 22, 2004
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A low-level greeting used in a casual context by independent thinkers.
Person 1: Haugh!
Person 2: Haugh.
by Zimmology March 24, 2021
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