pronounced (HOW-g) it can be used in place of a noun, verb, adverb, pronoun, or adjective. it carries a positive connotation.
"hello, care for a haug?"

"i really enjoyed hauging with you tonight mary." " me too jim, we should haug tomorrow too."

"damn, there's nothin' like haugin' on this haug." "yeah, this haug's got me feelin' alright."
by the dirty burger December 24, 2008
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A bird like sentinent being who constantly whistles and complains about stuff. This includes hockey baseball and other thing's called detmar's and is very annoying with its constant nagging
That hauge was very annoying during this day he was talking about how the Wild were bad.
by Haugelover May 29, 2013
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a pot head, one that smokes a ridiculous amount of weed
Hauge knows best.
Hauge can hook you up with some dank weed.
by Anna Chastity June 22, 2006
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biggest idiot alive. isn't going to graduate because he is a dumbass. he "plays" football but doesn't really. he blocks with his hands in front of his helmet. his most common form is in a "polo" shirt.
what does concieved mean?
by adrians got F's September 22, 2004
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A cool cat that is totally awesome and is the best yes dancer ever<3 He always loses his shoe and is a complete bum but everyone loves him oh so much ;D
by shanegroooooo October 25, 2010
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Aidan Hauge is a “Vincent Miles”; prior to the human equivalent of photosynthesis.
Example 1) Aidan Hauge (Vincent Miles) ; is a successful business man, running and managing small content creators.
by JordanLipscomb May 25, 2021
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