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An explosive release of emotional tension experienced at the height of personal hatefulness, usually accompanied by the uncontrolled spewing forth of severely profane insults and various other forms of intense verbal abuse.
Yes, please read what this guy writes, and then read it again. The depths of ineffectual blandness and mediocrity plumbed by his style-free ramblings can only serve to temper our respective hatreds. His mere presence has me on the verge of a hategasm.
by Kyle! May 09, 2005
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A hategasm occurs when a female sex worker or adult film actress reaches climax during work. As many porn stars are in committed relationships and are supposed to separate business from pleasure in the industry, an actual orgasm is viewed as a betrayal of sorts, and the actress usually visibly displays anger at herself or her film partner for giving her an orgasm.
"Why is that pornstar crying and yelling at that dude?"

"I think went he went in the backdoor, he gave her a hategasm."
by brabea22 May 06, 2012
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A Hategasm is an explosive and immensely satisfying release of anger that usually arises when observing someone truly vile either horribly maimed, injured, or killed, often in dramatic fashion. Revenge movies are often geared towards the climax towards the righteous hategasm, at which point babies are often the victims of violence.
Bro A: "Yo guy, did you watch that episode of 24 last night?"
Bro B: "FUCK yes, I can't believe he finally killed that Miranda bitch, I was praying for her to die for the last 6 weeks"
Bro A: "Holy shit, but when he did, I hategasmed so hard I punched a baby"
by Antedote March 28, 2011
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