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To hate date is the sexual equivalent of having a "frienemy."

It's part masochistic and part lazy, but it always means that you hate yourself and the other person and are allowing the relationship to be dragged out. The purposes of hate-dating is for the sex, which can range from satisying to ok to laughably bad. You might keep the person around because they're fun and the sex is wack, or the sex game is good and the person means shit to you.

If one person is cheating or trying to degrade the other to gratify their own insecurities, and/or if the relationship has been drawn out and on the downturn, both parties are hate-dating. For highly dysfunctional and broken people, all they know is hate-dating, because it's a place to dump all your fucked up unconscious feels at once, affirming the way you feel about yourself and the opposite sex
I realized I kept boo around to hate date when all I did was talk shit.

I'm not committed- I'm committed to hate-dating.
by knobstomper October 07, 2016
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When a guy dates a girl to boost his own ego, while cheating on her or generally degrading her to break her down. Often exemplified by pretty girl haters, athletes and frat boys. Behaviors include but are not limited to: verbal abuse, mindfucking, and golden showers.
That Sig Ep tried to hate date me because I looked exactly like the girl who wouldn't give him the time of day in high school.
by Grack Attack August 20, 2007
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When you go to an event with someone you have broken up with but you don't want to give up or sell the tickets and you go anyways with the person the person you now hate
I am going on a hatedate tonight with Chad bc I didn't want to give up the tickets to the wine tasting...fufure garden might occur. (Not to be confused with make up sex)
by Mikethetattoogod February 21, 2018
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After a hella drawn out relationship that has been on the downturn for months you finally end it and end it badly. Rather than drunk dial you continue to go out but dispise every minute of it. The dates always end in true hateful ass slapping throat gagging brutal sex.
I think I'm done with her but I'm sure I'll keep her around for a few more hate dates.
by Jeff P Holmes March 06, 2008
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