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This is a mash-up of the words 'Kismet' meaning 'fated' or 'destined' and 'Nemesis', which i hope we all know means 'rival' etc
so together, a Kismesis, (or plural, as in 'a pair of Kismeses' taking after the plural of nemesis) is your fated rival; or even, some would say, your Serendipitous Rival. Kismessitude is also sometimes called 'Black Romance' or 'Caliginous Romance' (calidinous meaning misty, dim; obscure, dark) in that it is dark and hateful, so lets not forget the romantic aspect, as in competing with someone so often, tensions run high... including sexual tension (eyebrow-wiggle)
now that you know what a Kismesis is, go get your black-mack on

Antithesis: Matesprit
A lot of people think that Naruto and Sasuke are in fact Kismesis, as not only do they do their best to out do each other at every turn, but they also kissed at least once.
by Flarga September 02, 2013
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A Kismesis is the term used to describe deep, deep hatred for someone. This is the person that you could, and will likely, hate for all your life, no matter what they do. This, however, is a romantic hate, usually involving many hate-snogs and other violent, but romantic, acts such as that.
A perfect example is Spades Slick and SnOwman. They hate each other to a degree at which not achievable by most beings, and is the most powerful pairing of kismesis seen yet.
by zingo47 August 06, 2011
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A hate soulmate.
A (healthy) kismesissitude is a fully consensual, well grounded, romantic relationship; but it equally compromises the emotions of love and hate.

The feelings of hate spring from a need and compelling desire to rival the other person, to try and have a sort of healthy competition through them without life that will build both of you up and strengthen you both.

Not everyone you hate or dislike is your kismesis. Feelings like this should be carefully examined and meditated upon. A kismesis is not just merely someone you hate, it is your hate soulmate. A kismesissitude isn't purely hate, as that would be REALLY fucking unhealthy for any relationship. There is an aspect, a very strong one, of love and gentleness involved too. When not bickering or trying to toughen each other up, kismesis pairs genuinely care for each other. Healthy couples will try to strengthen and give the other attention and acceptance, building each other up.

Often, kismesissitudes have a sexual element to them. On the other hand, the sexual aspect doesn't have to exist at all - just as with any relationship. There are also your more romantic moments with your kismesis. But, these tender moments aren't as common as they are in romantic relationships, or it wouldn't be a kismesissitude. The sparing amount of these moments is what makes the couple greatly appreciate and value them more.
"My kismesis stopped by the other day and we had it out; I totally kicked their sorry ass."
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by LemonadeRaid March 19, 2017
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A hateful yet sexual realationship between two people. A 'black romance' or and 'love-hate' realationship.
Dave and Karkat were belived to have a kismesis in the fandom.
by karkat.stryder September 12, 2018
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