A member of the Israeli internet propaganda unit HASBARA. A hasbarat is typically mistaken for a run-of-the-mill "troll" due to their constant efforts at derailing any productive discussion and their penchant for starting flame wars.

But, they differ from regular trolls in that they have an actual objective and it's to redirect discussion away from any criticism of Israel and any topics that may result in negative attention for Israel. Their tactics are crude and know no bounds. But, they are professionals, as difficult as that is to believe, they are on the clock and being paid by the hour for their trolling. Most are "college students" and IDF reservists working out of their boiler rooms in Israel. They operate according to a manual called "The Hasbara Handbook" which can be found online. Watch as they frantically attempt to change the subject once you out them as hasbarats, at that point they know the gig is up....and they'll probably come back at you with a different screen name.
You're no troll, you're a hasbarat! How much do you make an hour trying to control public discussion online, Hasbarat?
by I drop truthbombs like what August 24, 2019
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