A zionist who works for Israel to spread zionist propaganda , usually end up crying when proven wrong and they get paid by the Israeli government
they deny genocide and the land theft of Palestinian lands "Nakba never happened " then hasbara pay them
by almostdaad March 5, 2022
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trolls who works for the Israeli government to pink-wash , spread propaganda and defend Israel aggression against the Palestinians .
"Shut up, Hasbara Troll" used when the troll start denying the Nakba and say "Palestinian kids are human shield " when ever the IDF shot one
by almostdaad March 5, 2022
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A mocking term used towards Zionists, typically those who espouse ethnostatist views. Hasbara (הַסְבָּרָה) is hard to translate to English, but roughly means "explaining" in Hebrew.
"Palestine never existed"
"Shut up, Hasbara Troll"
by AnonymousPalestinian January 22, 2022
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