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The name Haroula is derived from the Greek word "hara" meaning joy or pleasure. The suffix "-oula" is used to describe a smaller cuter variation of any noun it is added to. Haroula, therefore literally means a "little pleasure". As such, she gives you a feeling equivalent to experiencing those little pleasures in life. She gives you that feeling you get when you lay down on the grass and watch the clouds on a spring afternoon. If she holds your hand you will know what true happiness feels like. Be careful with her though. She is fragile. If you hurt her she will stop radiating and there is no reason to be a hater punish the world.
I was having a horrible day until Haroula texted me some sunshine!
by mrWiseGuy February 22, 2010
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a very unattractive woman

who usually cannot see in front of her and is clumsy clutz.
she is a teacher who just got a new job at a private school.
she is not smart and cannot cook thus can never satisfy a man. she is a skanky hoe. :)
lives on the streets of liverpool, and people usually confuse her with a prostitute from the X.
" dear harrryyyyyyy
i hate your stinking guts. you make me vommit. your the scummm between my toes.
loveeeeee s .
by gossipgirlhaahaha May 30, 2009
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