tough guy, thug, gangster, bad or cruel person
"When Joe couldn't get Jack to pay up he called in the hard guys and Jack spent a couple of weeks in the hospital."
by anarcissie May 12, 2008
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A group of young men (usually friends in high school) That punch, kick and wrestle each other in a rough manner.
Dude, Paul is such a hardguy, he hit me so hard that I got a frog on my arm!
by Paul Haus August 17, 2006
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the guy above me sucks.
A hardguy is a real man. someone who can drink his body weight in alcohol. preferable O.E. He's an all around super sweet, awesome dude. He chugs liters of milk like it ain't no thang. When he goes out, he drops jaeger bombs and Sparxx like it's his job. See the youtube video for details.
Eric Kaufman is the ultimate harguy; he can chug a whole 30 rack in under 10 seconds. Watch him. Guys from Dartmouth are generally hardguys, but rarely do you find a guy harder than the Whooping Kauf.
by Eric Kauf March 12, 2008
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