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aggressive, detestable, despicable people who repeatedly torment, annoy or persistently pester another
possible types of 'harassholes': aggressive drivers, telesales & timeshare sales associates that don't take no for an answer......etc
by Twiglett March 15, 2010
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Harasshole is someone who constantly harasses but in such a way that said person is at same time being a major asshole
That guy is such a harasshole, I wish he would shut up!
by call me 134 August 12, 2009
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An asshole that can't stop being an asshole. They escalate from occasional asshole to consistent asshole. Usually the behavior is reserved for one target, but in extreme cases can be nuclear- or plague-like.
My boyfriend went from being an asshole to a total harasshole when we broke up. He kept calling and calling and then told my friends I was into beastiality...
by hamncheez August 13, 2018
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Definition: An asshole who persistently and relentlessly engages in activities that make others miserable, either on purpose or because the the perpetrator is oblivious to their harassholery.
Example 1: The union harassholes on strike crowded around the employee's car, refusing to let her proceed to the employee parking lot.
Example 2: Leave me alone already, I don't want you to buy me a drink. You're being a real harasshole.
by Horstradamus August 04, 2015
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Someone who harasses another even when unprovoked. Not to be confused with "Her asshole" a.k.a the sphincter of a female's anal orifice.
A naked from the waist down Carlos was minding his own business waiting for the bus. Thor pointed out to the other people at the bus stop that Carlos's penis has a shaft twice as wide as the head. Thor was being a real harasshole.
by Oliver nip Twist March 01, 2017
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