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Extremely wealthy area of Los Angeles run by a bunch of Free City clad, rambunctious teenagers who know how to party. Larchmont is the heart of Hancock Park, otherwise known as the HP. At night, Larchmont is filled with 11 year old skateboarders in front of blockbuster and druggie teenagers with cold hard cash burning a hole in their pockets at Pickett Fences, LF, and Spirituali. See coolest hood ever bitches.
Yeah, basically all those Santa Monica kids want to move to the HP. Who wouldn't, it's the coolest ever!
by hp kid March 01, 2005
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Hancock Park is not defined by rich druggy skateboard punks. It's a very strong community and a wonderful place to live. It's not perfect, it's a small town surrounded by Los Angeles and all it's problems, but to characterize the teen-scene as overpriviledged and drug-infested is ridiculous. Most of the kids are very solid and achedemically oriented. The stores and restaurants on Larchmont are, for the most part, unique small businesses swimming against the stream of the uniform monster chains. Come visit, it's great.
Hancock Park, Los Angeles
by M. G. June 08, 2006
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neighborhood near hollywood in los angeles. seemingly quaint, but actually full of rich, white, overprivileged myspace-famous cokehead/tweaker teenagers.
did you hear about the meth bust behind spirituali in hancock park? that shit's straight up crazy!
by anonymous_nigga December 30, 2005
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Hancock Park is an area in Los Angeles, CA. It is an affluent area surrounded by the streets of hollywood. Although Hancock Park is a beautiful neighborhood, there is another side that is all too apparent.

The HP kids. These teenagers seem to stalk the neighboring streets looking homeless and "strung out"\
The children that used to be the 11 year old skateboarders infront of blockbuster have now succeeded their older sisters and brothers.

The HP kids take a lot of pride in their hometown, making sure everyone knows what HP is and what it is all about.
It is said to have 4 immediate generations starting around 2006
The 3rd and 4th generation are still around a lot and it keeps getting scarier.
These kids have a lack of parenting, respect, and common sense. They do not care who you are, they own that neighborhood as if its gang territory. I wouldnt bother trying to mess with them or you will have a bunch of screaming teenagers in your face and the weird part is i wouldnt consider them posers bc they will handle their shit. Lastly, they mob deep and rarely like to leave their community bc they dont find anything better. They sit on curbs on the street doing questionable things and not seeming to show any concern for the trouble they could potentially get into. HP kids.
Boy 1: "Hey are there any kids from hancock park here?"
Boy 2: "No they are all in HP. This party is too clean."
by nvmunow March 17, 2010
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The richest, nicest hood in Los Angeles. It is owned and controlled by a roving gang of hottttt teenagers who have more cash than they know how to handle. If visiting the HP (as it is commonly known), one is likely to see cops breaking up parties, hot Marlborough girls on Larchmont, and lots of Von Dutch.
Girl 1: Hey, there's a party in the HP at 11. Do you wanna go?
Girl 2: Oh, the Pak's party? It was already broken up by the cops.
Girl 1: But it's only 1pm!

See HP, Harvard-Westlake, Marlborough
by H-dizzle to the H-pizzle February 26, 2005
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HP = Horny Posers
there you can find girls looking like hobos but carrying prada bags
Those girls at the party last ngiht wiht cuttoff jean shorts and a burkin bags must of been from the HP.
by pop sac March 04, 2005
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