a major character in the orginal trilogy of star wars. known for rescuing luke skywalker during the battle of yavin, being frozen in carbonite and delivered to jabba the hutt by boba fett, his various famous lines and his overal cocky, kickass attitude.
" i love you "
" i know "

" hey... it's me "

" you're all clear kid, now let's blow this thing and go home "
by Janet Weiss April 15, 2004
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Harrison ford's character in star wars. Pretty badass
Han: It's just a dead animal Chewie.
by mephisto June 2, 2003
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Person that has a tendency to get themselves and others in to then out of dificult situations.
Guy #1: Don't worry so much they always manage to get out of this sort of thing.
Guy #2: Yeah, he is a Han Solo.
by JainLikeRain December 3, 2003
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Name for a dead corpse after his son has just brutally stabbed him in the chest with a light saber and murdered him on the spot.
Person #1 (crying) "Did you hear about Tom? "
Person #2 "Yeah... That guy was one real Han Solo"
by NOT TOO SHABBY! December 29, 2016
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A smart Star Wars orientated euphemism for jerking the gherkin / the 5 knuckle shuffle / having a wank.
I have to say, I had an absolute world class han solo last night.
by Jacko33 May 31, 2007
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the best guy in the star wars trilogy who gets together with a useless bitch; master of witty lines
"you like me cause im a scoudrel"
by destroying u April 23, 2005
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The act of pleasuring one self with ones own hand (masterbating alone with your hand = Han Solo)
Whats that kid doin in the shower...i hear noises

Uh ohhh


Hes pullin a Han solo
by Banana6986 November 10, 2005
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