Name for a dead corpse after his son has just brutally stabbed him in the chest with a light saber and murdered him on the spot.
Person #1 (crying) "Did you hear about Tom? "
Person #2 "Yeah... That guy was one real Han Solo"
by NOT TOO SHABBY! December 28, 2015
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A beasty saxophone player in a Jazz Band.
Known for soloing.

Derived From Hansel.
Dang, he solo's good! He must be Hansolo.
by hansizzle June 19, 2009
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A smart Star Wars orientated euphemism for jerking the gherkin / the 5 knuckle shuffle / having a wank.
I have to say, I had an absolute world class han solo last night.
by Jacko33 May 31, 2007
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the best guy in the star wars trilogy who gets together with a useless bitch; master of witty lines
"you like me cause im a scoudrel"
by destroying u April 22, 2005
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Other than the character in Star Wars played by Harrison Ford, it could also mean a secretive way to explain masturbation.
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
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