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A colloquial expression for 'clubbed thumb', a physiological difference where an individuals' thumb appears shorter or 'ogre-ish' in comparison to normal digits; almost like its been hit with a hammer.
Dude, have you seen Megan Fox's hammer thumb? Its totally fucking gross, bro. I'd still it though.
by Notacrook June 08, 2010
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When a person's thumb:
1) has a hammer related injury
2) is unusually wide and stumpy
I just hit my thumb with a hammer today. This hammer thumb makes me feel like an clutz.

"Have you seen Susie's Hammer Thumb?"
"Ya, they're unusually wide and stumpy!"
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A short stumpy manwoman that loves to profess his/her superior intellect and liberal bias, all while showing off her extraordinary belly fur.
Man, DT is such a Hammer Thumb!
by SUPMA November 22, 2008
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