the absolute drunkest, sloppiest, shittiest and highest degree of hammered/drunk one can reach; the highest possible degree before one drinks him/herself into a coma; before a blackout one might recognize that he/she is hamfaced, usually one recognizes the next morning due to the following reasons: you are wanted by the law, you have random shit in your room and you don't know how they fucking got there, you wake up to find a random (or many) person (people) naked in your bed, you wake up naked in someones bed, you wake up and find yourself in someone's front lawn ect.
Let's get hamfaced tonight boys!

Al: Dude wtf are these roadblocks, this street sign, and this scooter seat doing in the room?
Art: Fuckin right! We were hamfaced last night!!!
by Naismith_4thFloor October 21, 2009
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