She’s in love with celebrity’s and sports. Specifically Sidney Crosby and hockey and football and ever sport. She can be really bitchy at times but overall is fucking crazy.
Who does haly want to marry?

Sidney Crosby obviously
by KatieWhitesellHasInvertedBoobs October 30, 2019
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Hali she is one of the most beautiful girls she can see right through a lie mess with her you will regret it she's tougher then god himself and the devil combined she is most likely hanging around boys because she can't get along with girls for hali is most likely a tomboy your special and very lucky to have a hali in your life hurt her and she will knock you through a brick wall are worse be kind to this girl she's one of a kind she's also badass and more she can't get more perfect she's smart and if you say a dumb comment like what's 2÷5 she will probably say ask your mom oh wait she probably dont know etheir this girl is most likely to be into magic and posses it .
Wow she's such a hali. ..

Shes are hali
by XxSavagewinterxX October 20, 2017
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Shes a very sweet girl but I wouldn't mess with her she may seem cute and innocent but she can beat your ass your lucky to have a hali in your life she is most likely likes magic and dancing she's a loyal freind probably hangs around guys because she can't get along with girls most girls are jealous of her she may see herself as not good enough though if you have her as a freind or gf be lucky she is very beautiful strong and sexy if you ask me she's the first hottest girl to walk earth everything about her is perfect a girl born with this name is very lucky and everyone that has her is very lucky she's like a angel until u mess with her I would not get close if she's mad she will happily throw your ass into a ditch .
Who's that

That's hali she's so perfect
by XxSavagewinterxX March 28, 2018
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There is no one closer to perfect than Halie. Her eyes show mere beauty and will make you fall for her. She will have her ups and downs but she will always pull through strong. Overall the most amazing girl there is. Keep Halie close to you, losing her will be one of the most painful things that will happen to you. Also she is very good at singing.
Guy1: I got Halies number today!
Guy2: No way! Consider yourself one of the luckiest men in the world.
by worriorGOD September 15, 2013
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The most beautiful sexiest girl to walk the earth she's one of the sweetest kindest nicest girl in the world few boys can get one but the ones that do better treat her right did I mention she's a great kisser with a perfect body
"Wow that girl over there who's that?"
"Oh that's Hali she's my best friend she's the perfect girl"
by Colt2822 July 3, 2013
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She is the most amazing girl I could ever meet and she is sweet Beautiful smart interesting funny fun to be around but most importantly the Love of my heart
Halie is a person who makes friends easily
by TheRealOzzy March 17, 2016
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Halie is the most loving, caring, funny and relatable person u will meet. She knows when you're in a mood but sometimes gets caught up with being one of the most popular girls is the school (she acts like she's not) She remembers important things about you even if you've just met her. She's very generous whether it be giving you attention or a birthday present.
Halie is very loving.
by Hey.MinQi October 20, 2017
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