said if your a "gangster"
like haller over here!
by lizzzboyles December 10, 2008
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You can't get me, Fyska!
Some Fyska can't stalk :p
by Voyager I February 25, 2005
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Yoop·per Hall·er / yo͞opər hôller/

1. A resident of the pike house who has never lived outside the upper hall.
2. Someone with a redneck complex. A redneck complex can be defined as anyone who meets at least 3 of the following criteria:
a. Owns a gun
b. Has camouflage paraphernalia in their car (as if the deer is going to see them in the car).
c. Does not recognize PBR as a hipster beer.
d. Arranges for their daughter (current or future) to be baptized at Daytona Motor Speedway.
e. Wishes they were from the south
f. Listens to country music
g. Watches Nascar
3. Meets the criteria for point one and typically responds to any comment with a smart-ass remark.
4. Spends more time in the gym getting big than actually dominating sports.
I fucking hate those damn yooper hallers.

Justin-"Cam just got back from shooting and is about to go to the gym with Kellen. He want's to know if you want to go to Gander Mountain."
Tyler-"Fucking Yooper Hallers"

Rob-"Blake just got camo floor mats for his jeep."
Gabe-"And he says he isnt a yooper haller"

Andrew-"Kellen says he doesnt ever want to live downstairs."
Joe-"You guys need to get him to live in the sub, he is turning into a serious yooper haller."
by Jpayne September 6, 2011
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Halerizer Deluxe 3000 is a combination sex maneuver where the man drops a Cleveland Steamer on the women's breasts. The poop allows for an easy titty fuck. After he finishes on her chin, causing a white streak to resemble the facial hair style of a flavour savor, he takes his dirty penis and applies a Dirty Sanchez using it as if it were a paint brush or pencil. She then proceeds to lick her breasts clean of all fecal matter. Once finish she will appear to have a brown mustache and a white flavour savor from her mouth to her chin.
Dane performed a Hallerizer Deluxe 3000 on his girlfriend Ally. Needless to say she became sick the next day from consuming human feces.
by Clysidious McMurphy March 29, 2007
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A place in Stevens county where people run their mouth and get beat up
Hey them guys got their ass whooped up Haller Creek lastnight
by Chadbreakshit December 19, 2016
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