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half calf is the certain type of sock that reaches half way up the tibia (shin) and ends just below the calf.

Half calf is the perfect balance of knee highs and no shows.

(Plural Half Calves)
Dude: Guess wat ima where since it be nice outside tomorrow.

Fella: Hold on let me guess you gonna be rockin' some legit shorts with the half calves. (Plural of Half calf)
by Legit_Broseph May 06, 2009
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socks that climb halfway up ones calf, often worn with basketball shoes and usually colored black, mainly worn by basketball players or lacross players and genarly popular people.
"hey that new kid on the b-ball team is rockin them half calfs."
by garret perry December 03, 2011
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Half-calf or molado is when two parents, one being black and other white, have a kid that is not black or white, and sometimes teachers will think his spanish,
Andrew: what are u going to name your country?

Chris: since i am a half-calf i will name it, hmmm... half-calf-a-topp-u-lus
by ThisIsBlissBaby January 05, 2009
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Half calf can be one of two things. One thing can be when you are trying to cut back on straight caffiene coffee so you get half decaffe half regular or when your penis has half a boner but its not all the way there , so its also half soft.
Mom:yeah ive been having way to much regular coffee lately
Son: why dont u get a half calf?


I wanted her to keep sucking me off but i couldnt because i only had a fucking half calf after i came into her mouth!
by massivemanner July 08, 2009
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