A polearm resembling a long-handled axe, the halberd also features a spike sprouting from the end of the haft that can be used as a spear, and a hook opposite the axe-head that was used to pull mounted knights from their horses.
The King's guards crossed their halberds across the door to the throne room, denying the messenger entry.
by KingPhoenix February 20, 2005
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Sexually attracted to white bread and white bread lovers who live in the states with zero hoes.
Boy: what do you identify as? I’m dream sexual!

Boy: you silly bitch. I’m Halberd Sexual
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the penis. See halberd or halbard Cognate with spam javelin. A faintly historical version of spam hammer or mischief mallet etc
"'twas a mighty impressive spam halberd he shewed"
by sparrohawk October 15, 2006
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