A Guy who's always ready to get in a fight for his friends and gets all the girls in school!
Be like hakki.
by Meanboy007 December 12, 2016
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Hakki is the perfect boy for a girl that starts with M.
by gigigiigigi November 6, 2020
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Hakki is known for his calm nature and is therefore also very patient and resilient. If you want to have him, you have to make an effort, because he is picky. In bed he seduces you hard and heartly. Rushing something is not his type, he prefers to take a lot of time for the things that are close to his heart. Loyalty is very important to him, that's why he has few friends, but is very famous in his city for his helpfulness, gratitude and diligence.
Look, there is Hakki our daddy! He is so hot, if he talked to me arrogantly, I would tolerate it.
by TiagooFiloo651 November 22, 2021
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A man who is a tool. He may look good and talk even better, but he is a hoe. He's always taking pictures and will not hesitate to call you ugly, even if he is too. He from the islands so you know he trouble. If you meet one, keep it on a friends basis or he will waste your time, happily.
Tea met a hakky at the club last night but made sure she wasn't falling in love.
by BADDESTBXTCH__x3 March 15, 2017
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He is truly unexplainable. For he is perfect, destined for amazing things. While his friends walk around like a pack of bitches, he is the perfect, golden midas of them all. He is perfect and always will be perfect.
Zach Hakky is truly perfect
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