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when one touches their hair excessively and so tenderly and lovingly it almost resembles masturbation. Teenage girls constantly hairsturbate, being as they are completely obsessed with how their hair looks ALL OF THE TIME.
*Morgan keeps touching her hair in the hallway at school*
Morgan: I straightened my hair this morning, does it look alright *grabs and tucks behind ears, messes up then combs through with fingers.*
Olivia: It looks fine.
Morgan: Really? I thought it looked away, maybe if i wore it like this...
Olivia: Bye! *walks away quickly to Jenna*
Jenna: What's with Morgan touching her hair?
Olivia: I'm not sure, but i don't think i can stand to watch her hairsturbate for much longer.
by ding dong debra February 06, 2009
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The act of masturbating while holding a woman's hair in the same hand. Usually to fulfill some kind of hair fetish.
My woman wasn't in the mood last night, but she let me hairsturbate for a while. Oh yeah!
by Joe Dunson October 13, 2010
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