Dj habz is a young arist climing his way to the top of the music game his remix's are a must have. dj habz AKA former MC (lyrical Sniper) born in coventry grew up with his mind on music and determind to reach the top. Dj Armz another bengali dj is who Dj habz looks up to as a roll model and hopes one day he is at the stage dj Armz is.
dj habz is a benali music producer climbing to the top.
by Jhon Lee June 4, 2007
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Habz is a man with a loving heart His girfriends are Ither named Stacey,Merilyin or Jennifer. All girls dream of having a Habz in their life but only the special girls do.
Girl 1: omg your so lucky you go out with a habz

Girl 2: I know
by Bombgirl12 June 22, 2017
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