Literal meaning: Little boy, big attitude.
Matty: That guy just ran into a wall!
Jonny: That was no guy, that was hIk!
by ~@Jonny@~ April 29, 2009
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A very beautiful young lady, who tends to fall in love with douches at first. Who usually need someone to break the relationship between "The Hik and The Douche"
1) I saw The Hik with the Douche the other day.

2) There goes The Hik walking around with the Douche..
by NonDouche March 29, 2014
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Hik mostly used for people that hasn't lost there virginity yet
"Loool Adams a fucking hik he ain't never gonna get pussy"
by Lil dick called sid December 21, 2017
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Your an adorable girl, everyone loves you and you listen to Backstabber by Ke$ha on repeat
Chiki was here 💀’
by chiki-san May 22, 2021
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