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Refers to people who "h8" where "h8" is pronounced: "h-eight" or "hate". You do not want to be a h8r. H8rs gon h8.
h8rs gon h8
by no-h8 February 20, 2011
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1. A individual with strong opinions, Freedom of speech

2. a person that disagrees or has others opinions or view points.

3. Devils Advocate
Junk food isn't good for your health, so I am a junk food H8r.
by THECHILLPHILL October 31, 2009
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This is internet slang for HATER.

This is when someone dislikes someone or something, for no good reason. Somewhat like a devil's advocate, wanting to be different and cause drama.
"Dang, Mike is a h8r, clownin on my friend's shoes"
"H8R- n. (hater) - Mike White.. "20:48 Mike: GO STEELERS!!!"

"She was h8in on my hair weave."
"That girl is such a h8r"
by mjthomas7980 November 28, 2005
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Means hater in internet or leet talk also known as l33t talk.

Word that is used by people when someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual or thing.
Dude. I was being a h8r (as well as being called a h8r) before you even knew what h8 was.
by misangu March 06, 2005
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