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The IRC (or other, less popular social networking tools) equivalent of "high five", often utilised after two persons whom share common world views and moral standards exchange opinions.
- Tim: "I totally had relations with that girl, and she was left severely unimpressed."
- Bob: "I also had relations with her, and can report the same results as pertains to her feelings of impressiveness"
- Tim: "Allright, h5!"
by RetardedBear January 22, 2014
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When a guy with the first letter in their name is H hooks up with 5 different girls within one night usually all the girls are slutty or heinous.
"H-5 did you hear about Harmon last night?"
"Yea, I cant believe he was that drunk to pull a H-5"
by real squeal November 14, 2013
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The act of giving a hand job while receiving a hickey from your boyfriend, or a male companion
"Oh dude, did you see Michelle's neck after the party?"

"Yeah, her and her boyfriend must have H-5ed all night!"
by Kelhannah Nichelle January 09, 2009
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