A slang term used to describe a women/man that you find really attractive. *Hot as fuck*
Wow did you see sheilah last night she was H as f!

Or boy our substitute teacher last week was H as f!!
by Hom2436 January 17, 2018
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Similar to HAF, it means High as Fuck, referring to Marijuana. Typically used in code word at school, home, etc to not attract attention.
"Dude, you should have saw Matt in the Park. He was H as F, laughing the whole time"
by Jason Carvajal October 8, 2008
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To have an urge to have sex with horse faced girls ( h f f ) with nice bodies.
by beeeee ghanstee May 2, 2008
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A "C i h u a h a g h g f e" is an insult to a short and annoying person in your friend group or someone you know!
"You are a C i h u a h a g h g f e !!"
by Nomnomnomowo December 3, 2020
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The acronym is HAARF

How An Alluring Relationship Feels
This acronym is used as a key phrase to say to a loved one or a partner in lue of goodbye or exit strategy at the end of a text. It's a cute way of teasing about saying I Love You without saying the actual phrase for couples that are new or still experimental. They will wonder what it means and find themselves here on Urbandictionary to see if their loved one is crazy or not

Sender: H A A R F

Recipient: I still don't know what that means

Sender: ....and you never will

Sender: ...until I tell you of course <3
by CobaltRaccoon November 10, 2021
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This is going from top to bottom, right to left on your keyboard with spaces in between all the letter. You do this when your so board that you refuse to do something productive and start searching random things.
James was so board that he started typing m n b v c x z l k j h g f d s a p o i u y t r e w q instead of reading his book.
by Hello. Bye. November 21, 2020
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