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A slang term used to describe a women/man that you find really attractive. *Hot as fuck*
Wow did you see sheilah last night she was H as f!

Or boy our substitute teacher last week was H as f!!
by Hom2436 January 17, 2018
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Slang term for ‘have a safe flight.’
Dave: I’m going to the Airport

Kate: Off to London, love?

Dave: Yes, indeed.

Kate: Hasf.

Dave: Thank you!
by abd_legion July 04, 2018
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Similar to HAF, it means High as Fuck, referring to Marijuana. Typically used in code word at school, home, etc to not attract attention.
"Dude, you should have saw Matt in the Park. He was H as F, laughing the whole time"
by Jason Carvajal October 07, 2008
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