High As Fuck.

After you take that last hit and you sittin there like man... i am high is fuck right now.
The other day me and John were smokin up and that man got HAF
by Ganjaman1821525 September 30, 2010
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I may be a cheese eating surrender monkey but people that finished the Tough Mudder are HAF!!!
by Mingdu Mudder September 27, 2013
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”HAF” can be described as being “high af”; High as Fuck, this can be used in many situations and contexts.
(The chill)
Dude your so HAF right now, I’m fucking loving it, share.
(The angry)
Girl you HAF !! Shut the F up...
(The excited)
Bitch you HAF, like same tho!
by Thatgaybitch101 February 18, 2019
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Abbreviation of 'high as fuck'. To get extremely high, smoking marijuana.
'Did you get anything off that?'
'Yeah I'm high as fuck!' (HAF)
by Bou Bou January 22, 2006
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