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Someone who constantly does upper body workouts in the gym, resulting in tiny looking legs and a look that would make walking like a chimp seem appropriate.
Dude that guy's arms are huge! He's obviously biceptual But look at those underdeveloped legs... what a Gympanzee.
by johnnyblaze881 August 17, 2010
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A young, often metrosexual, male homosapien. Can be distinguished from other members of the species by their lack of shirt in profile pictures, their fondness for drop neck vests, and the amount of time they spend looking at other mens bodies in gyms. Not necessarily homosexual, but not smart enough to realise that by posting half-naked pictures of themselves online that it's mostly men looking at them. Can often be found strutting around populated areas at weekends wearing shirts two sizes too small for them, showing off their guns. Act tough, but when actually involved in physical altercations can be heard making a distinctive "Not the face" noise. Often become a gympanzee as a result of being a wimpy adolescent.
Look at that ridiculous looking gympanzee. Whatever happened to the real men?
by antimetrosexual November 04, 2011
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Vain males that spend most of their time and money going to the gym to gain muscle's purely for the fact that they can wear tight long V-neck t-shirts to show off man-cleavage in an attempt to attract the opposite sex.

Typically males that spend more time working on their muscles to compensate the fact that they do not have big enough personalities to attract women.

These males often pluck their eyebrows, get fake tan, have sleeve tattoos and spend more time on their own appearance and looking in the mirror than most girls.
"I'm not going in that bar, its full of Gympanzees"

"this guy tried to hit on me but he was such a Gympanzee"
by Sidewinder11 January 02, 2014
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A gym for children or a facility mainly dedicated to offering different activities for children.
I took my kids to the gympanzee so that they can release their energy.
by skylab July 04, 2012
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