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Gwangolors are a race of invisible monsters. Not much is known of their behavior and many doubt their existence. Very few people have seen a gwangolor because you can only see them if you know they are there. Some say they epitomize evil, and those people are right.

== Anatomy ==
Gwangolors are invisible and can only be seen by a select few who know what they are and where they are. They are normally about eight feet as full grown adults, but some have been known to be as tall as 27 feet high. The average weight for a gwangolor is approximately 320 pounds as full grown adults. The largest weight recorded was 1.2 tons. Little is known of the appearance of a gwangolor. One severely untalented artist once sketched what he claimed was a gwangolor. His sketch included solid blue eyes, a green trunk, a unicycle leg, a brown tail, a pink wing, tie-dye hair and mouth, a grey torso, a red tentacle with green spots, and a green tentacle with red spots.

== Behavior ==
The behavior of gwangolors is varied and is very unusual. For one thing, the overwhelming majority are Liverpool Football Club supporters (one of the many reasons why gwangolors are viewed by non-gwangolors as evil). Their top sports are finding words to rhyme with gwangolor, which is called Gwangolor-Schmangolor, and shuffleboard. Their society is divided into three classes: the King who controls the entire gwangolor society, the rest of the gwangolors, and then humans who are Liverpool fans (the only species of gwangolors that can be seen by normal humans). These Liverpool supporters (also known as Scousers) gather reconnaissance for their gwangolor superiors about humans.

== Gwangolor Infiltration ==
In 2007, a Canadian who keeps his identity concealed as Rayman infiltrated the ranks of the gwangolor society. The way he did this was where a T-shirt that said on the front: "I am a gwangolor. No lie yo!" The easily-fooled gwangolors allowed him in. On the third day of his quest to study these obscene creatures, one of the gwangolors had really bad gas and pooted in the town center. As they all scrambled to evacuate, Rayman's shirt was ripped off by a drunk Scouser who was also a thief of people's hubcaps and shirts. With Rayman's identity exposed, he narrowly escaped capture. Most of our knowledge of gwangolors comes from Rayman's brave reconnaissance.
Gwangolors are a rare species of monsters that few have even heard of.

That guy was such a jerk, I believed that he was in cahoots with the gwangolors.
by Rayman the Canadian June 25, 2008
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