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when a girl doesn't properly tweeze her eyebrows and they grow out all bushy (like something a guy would have).

see also - unibrow
"that chick is so ugly she's got guybrows"
by T-Litty December 02, 2004
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A male eyebrow that focuses on the lack of hair where it doesn't belong, rather than a "pretty arch".

An important distinction for a man trying to get rid of his unibrow, but doesn't want to look like Halle Barre.
I want guybrows, don't get too crazy with the wax.
by brow guru November 15, 2007
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The tuft of pubic hair located directly above a man's penis.
"I must warn you, I'm rather hirsute in the nether regions. Some have compared my guybrow to that of actor Eugene Levy."
by pzwhite April 25, 2010
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The thick, manly, "guy" eyebrows a woman gets when she stops trimming them.
"Did you see the guybrows on that chick?"

"yeah, for a second there I thought that was a dude!"
by Dictiono February 04, 2009
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Women with eyebrows that are either thick, unkept or need to be maintained becuase they look more like eyebrows found on a male...
Wow, check out the guybrows on that one, she could have been one of the Marx Brothers.
by Monkeyxote September 13, 2010
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