A hot guy that will act stupid in school but still manage to pass. Gunner will also get any girl and date 1 or 2 girls a lot. Gunner has a giant dick.
by ClioStalker August 08, 2014
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(Pipe-fitter, or)Any pipe trade term for a short piece of pipe, only valuable for leveling or measuring. When used as a finished piece, it represents poor craftsmanship.
"Hand me up that gunner, I need to get a measurement for the riser."
by Logickt September 13, 2009
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Someone who would make you laugh any time of day. Someone who would love you the way you are hopefully.
Not talking about someone who has a gun.
Talking about someone who is tall, and has a smile that would make your day.

Someone who, you hope, would care about you and love you the way you are.
Someone whose voice makes you smile.
Someone that you can depend on.
Someone who gives awkward hugs, and doesn't give many hugs. But you wish that he would give you a hug every time you're with him.
Someone who is an awesome friend to have.
Friend 1: Awe, you two look cute together, and he seems like an awesome friend.
Friend 2: Haha thanks, Gunner is awesome. And when he smiles... Man, I wish I could just give him an awkward hug.
Friend 1: Aweee, that's cute. :) Do you love him?
Friend 2: ...Maybe. I want to stay as close friends first though. I love him too much right now to change anything.
by bonjour923 March 06, 2012
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A Dude that is all a round awesome in every way, and always guning to the the next big thing.
Dude(1):"Dude look at that guy, his awesome he is such a gunner!"
by Dr.PigSkin August 27, 2010
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1. A member of the armed forces who operate a gun.

2. In ebonics, the unauthorized marriage of the 2 words "gun" and "her."
1. Tell private 1st class Perez that he will be my gunner today on this next sortie.

2. If you catch dat bitch wif anovah man, you gunner!
by JorgeA June 22, 2005
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A name typically given to an asshole dog who digs in the garbage, whines at a closed doors after invites, eats panties from the hamper & destroys holiday food sitting on the counter. No matter how many times he's punished a Gunner shows no remorse.
Gunner has no respect! His owners spoil him with walks, treats & car rides and he still doesn't listen. That Gunner is a real dick!
by Rza077 April 14, 2017
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