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A sexual act in which gummy bears are used. there are several variations

the gummy bear's cave: the one partner takes many gummy bears and places inside the vagina and the goal is to eat her out until u have successfully removed and eaten all of the gummy bears

gummy bear pump: a blow job in which the partner blowing has a mouth full of gummy bears (WARNING: this is a choking hazard)

gummy buffet: when gummy bears are placed all over one partners stomach and the other(s) each them off without using their hands
tim: omg this chick gave me a gummy bear pump last night and i had to do the hiemlick!

jim: thats almost as bad as when we did a gummy bear 's cave and see had her period!
by thefailwhale June 17, 2010
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a girl with big boobs and big butt and is slightly overweight but makes it look cute and is quite short, the usual cut off is 5ft 2 but some will consider someone below 5ft 4 a gummy bear as well.
aww ur girlfriend is such a gummy bear!
shes so short but damn those tits are big

yeah isnt she a cutie and i know right im so lucky
by thefailwhale June 17, 2010
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