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When your nuts stick to your inner thigh
"Damn I got wicked gum nuts right now but my coworkers are looking I can't unstick it"
by loldi December 19, 2014
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When you receive a blow job from an elderly man or woman, because they have no teeth their gums will rub on your penis and when you ejaculate (nut) it is called a gum nut.

Gum nuts are also little objects that fall off gum trees commonly found throughout Australia.
Oi Hazza your grandma gave me the best gum nut every last night, I think I'm in love.

Look at all these gum nuts that fell out of this tree bro.
by Cute Pencil Case October 24, 2018
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A child's imaginary friend or the name of an Australian/French Canadian fetus.
Family Friend: "Is Gumnut here?"
Child: "No, Gumnut is sleeping."


Friend: "How's Gumnut?"
Mother-to-be: "Good... she kicked all night long though so I couldn't get any sleep."
by Rella April 17, 2008
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A gumnut is a person who can be classed as a total geek or nerd or someone of lower social standards.
Shit did you see Daina's friends, what Gumnuts!
by Leigh Aiston July 19, 2006
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Weirdo/Freak/Timewaster that posts fake adverts on and then continues to waste responder's time.
This Gumnut corrseponded to me over a 5 day period and there never was a room for rent!
by Daveout Atheist January 13, 2007
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