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That insanely hilarious person that's into sports and gaming. Spends majority of his time gaming. Him/Her is extremely sentimental and amazing at poetry. There is a slight possibility of being into the music industry like Harry Styles.
You see that guy over there?

What about him?

That guy is a real 'Hazza' .

Man I wish he talked to me.
by Lethalitykitty28 January 09, 2018
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a god-loving dude that is not Christian but believes in the walk of life of Jesus.
a very respected, highly thought of, man child that loves to drink Blavod.
Omg you are such a hazza ! :O
by muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha November 28, 2009
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big hairy dog, also known as smeag, smeagol, schteve etc. Chases cats, lays eggs and listens to radio 2 in the dark place.
hazza managed to break into the microwave and eat that 2 month old curry. c'mere hazza... good boy.
by Monkey Handler November 23, 2004
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like a dabbing a 'Hazza' is where you clap both hands to the side of the leg to signal a poor throw during a session of Frisbee.
Why did you Hazza me?! you could of caught that?

I just got Hazza'd
by Randomfacts101 August 08, 2016
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