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A person whose origins lie in the Indian state of Gujarat.
You want to lend 5p? Man you're such a guji
by Parbatlal K Dubey March 11, 2004
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RAW dats wat indians are
Guji (always greater)>You
The ones who will sooner or later eliminate other races

The year 2106
Guji: Beg u white & black motherfuckers
White man: O merciful master we will never take your gold or keep you under our rule. We never knew you would conquer our pathetic race.
Black man: slavery all again(disappointed groan)
Guji: Thats the noise your sisters make in bed
by Its-hard-2-accept-da-truth September 07, 2006
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An Indian Paki, but with common sence, style and an all round respectable personality and temperament.
Also the antonyn of paki
You look almost too guji
by The Management February 10, 2005
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