A place that sells intruments. From drums to 12-string acoustics they have everything. And theres indoor studio where you get to TRY it before you BUY it so its really cool. But you have to wait your turn before you can go in. Or you can try out the guitars outside of the studio. Mostly n00by punks go there play a couple of crappy licks and then leave. Overall Guitar center is the #1 place to get your instrumments.
Guitar Center is musicians heaven!
by BL1NX August 05, 2007
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Musical instrument store that usally carries all types except orechestra instruments.

Have more of a variety of guitar than other chains such Sam Ash.
You can talk down the price on most guitars and amps, even get a free case if you deal right.
i bought a guitar for 500 out the door, even though the price tag was 549.99 with tax not included, at guitar center
by Calvin Riley June 23, 2007
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A place where you might go to buy music equipment and have some jerkoff call you "Boss" (and other things) one too many times after you bought your stuff. Thus making you want to grab a guitar and ram it down the punk's throat. And then save what's left of the guitar for the guy up front who checks your bag best-buy-style.
Guitar Center Quotes: "What's HAPPENING there BOSS?"
by Jazgul March 22, 2008
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