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"God's Blessed One". She is beautiful, charming, and compassionate. An adovcate for justice and equality, she is always working to build her community and kingdom.
She had the grace and charm of the Lady Guenevere.
by Arthurianlegenddiva March 16, 2019
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To put it simply, if you know a Guenevere you are one of the lucky few. An uncommon name, Gueneveres tend to be the type to have a very vibrant and loving personality, and the one to hold everyone together. They have a tendency to put everyone else's happiness above their own, and to strive to make every day the brightest and best it can be. Very productive people, they know what they want in a relationship and aren't one to ignore signs, no matter how small, as well as knowing what they want in life. They never stop working towards their goals, no matter how large, and almost always achieve them, as they are very driven and hard-working committed people. Gueneveres are also very perceptive people. They will pick up on the smallest things and go to extreme lengths for their family, friends, and lovers. They can be very funny and outgoing, but if you really get to know one it will take a while for them to fully open up to you and show you their sensitive and vulnerable side. Usually in a large group of friends, they will only open up for a select few. Once they open up to you, however, you will know that to you you've got a friend/lover for life. Gueneveres are very valuable people to have in your life, so if you manage to find one... never let them go.
Kai: "Have you met Guenevere yet?"

Willow: "Yeah! She's amazing, I'm so glad I know her!"
by KaiBoi_Senpai November 16, 2020
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