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GTAForums, formerly known as, is currently the largest online community exclusively dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto series of video games. It is part of the GTANetwork, a collection of fansites dedicated to the GTA franchise, and has been in existence since 2001.

The most common abbreviation for the site is "GTAF".
Ever been to GTAForums? It's this bigass forum for GTA and shit.
by Tsuroki August 08, 2006
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Gtaforums is well known for it's stupid, and utterly annoying, HTTP-500 Internal Server Errors.
by Claude Speed July 22, 2006
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A toxic forum riddled with mentally unstable fucks that have an internet connection.They call anything they didn't post a spam thread then they'll sniff the blood in the water and reply to you in the most disrespectful way possible.They have no problem pressing a button over and over in a fucking video game yet clicking next page to find different threads is asking too much from them.They all act like their fucking hardcore yet in reality their fat fucks that never take showers and never accomplished anything in the physical realm.Their essentially sad little bitches deep down inside and only way to get their four inch dick hard is to ridicule someone new while their delusional to think they own the fucking world and that the universe owes them something.Their Bitch&moan thread has over 54,000 pages of non-stop bitching over useless matters.None of them obviously grew the fuck up or had the world drop on their fucking head when they turned eighteen.You only live once in this world don't waste your time going on their site and giving them revenue.If you feel like killing more brain cells than usual then read a random post.Members to avoid and ignore entirely.Quinn_flower,HappyHunter,Raavi,Mach1bud,CrysisAverted,Shadowfennekin,Nodisplaynameythe,Danger_zone,whydontyoulisten,Sentinel Driver,Gaffa all give useless information, just constantly bitch about literally everything.They won't ever learn and no one can help them with their mental disorders either.
Person:"What if I go on GTAforums for infromation?"
Very smart person: "You're better off looking on reddit trust me and dont waste your time"
by You've_been_warned January 04, 2018
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The greatest forum on the entire internet without debate. You can't get as much smart ass quips and engaging conversation anywhere else. All those who disagree are obviously just pissed because they got banned for being dumb little shits.
Timmy the pissy little shit- I gots baned from gtaf!!!1 Tehy sux! fuck gtafourms!!!! there all gay!

Carl- Cry me a river bitch. If you can't stand the heat GTFO of the GTAForums.
by El Godfather August 27, 2007
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6 is a online message board, thats full of ignorant hippocratic people who basically are a bunch of assholes, who think they rule the fucking GTA community, because they were the first to make a forum for it, and there for are the largest forum with the most members, to date.
comparing with the number of users, this is the slowest replying and the most inactive forum, because people are afraid to post, all people who post comments that are above the understanding of these pore excuses for a moderator ussualy are banned and their topic locked.
also this forum is full of stupid n00b users who usually make replicated topics, so there is about 10 topics on the same subject. this could be fixed if this board would have a normal FAQ, which it hasn't. because people are afraid to ask questions, and yet again get banned.
admin/moderators are allowed to do almost everything (humiliate lower class users, make spam topics, post images with pornographic content, and so on and so on) while if the user do such thing there banned and their topic locked.
moderators and respected* users usually fuck the n00b users off and ban them or warn them (which is the same thing as a ban, only temporary and after this time you won't want to come back), instead of teaching them how to use a board properly, or directing them to rules** topic
yet again the admins are doing nothing to make this forum any better, by alowing "hate" topics like: "xbox360 vs PS3". this can't be constructive discussion, because the name of the topic already means that people will argue and hate on each other, there for provoking admins to another "ban rampage" in which people who support the xbox360 will get banned as an result, because GTAforums are full of poor PS2 fanboys.
the core/main servers of this board is located Houston, Texas. and there for its no wonder that users and mods are such fuckers, because there pure rednecks.

*a cocksucker to GTAforums
**a guide how to become a slave*
gtaforums is the worst thing that ever happened to the internet, since Fantasy MMORPG.
by GTAforumsFUCKER August 13, 2007
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A communist community ran by a bunch of asshole moderators.
User: Hey, what do you guys think of this (enter a interesting topic)

GTA Forums Mod: You're not using this thread correctly ... *BANNED*
by MasterRace1997 June 07, 2018
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