A slang term used in the drug world meaning the sober person that looks out for the other person who's under the effects of LSD, mushrooms or other hallucinogenic drugs.
You bet I'm gonna try some acid, wanna be my ground control?
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The person in the group (who is either sober or (more rarely) uses the drug so much it hardly affects them) who watches over the others who may be under the effects of drugs, usually hallucinogens like shrooms or acid. Their job is to watch over everyone and make sure they’re safe. Most of the time, their job is to keep you from having a bad trip (panic attacks and stuff) and maybe acting rash.
“Just bagged some shrooms, who wants to be ground control?”
by iamthesandguardian September 24, 2023
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The act of base to tip stimulation to get fully erect. Subject rests pinkie on the pubic area then proceeds to rub hand up to the tip of the penis, grip semi-tight. Subject repeats until fully stimulated. Lotion is highly recommended for a successful transmission between Major Tom and ground control.
Fred got home from school and did a little ground control to Major Tom while watching Step-By-Step.
by Mooley March 16, 2010
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This Is A Parody Of Major Tom, And The Famous Line This Is Ground Control To Major Tom.

This Isnt An Inside Joke, If It Was, It's A 1.72 Million Inside Joke, However It Never Really Had A Defention And Was A Throw Off Joke, So Now It Means When You Want To Bang Someones Mother (As A Joke, Like A Type Of Your Mom Joke)
This Is Ground Control To Your Mom!

Person 2: John, Please Get Out Of Bedroom, And For The Last Time, You Cannot Do My Mother
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when your DICK gets caught in the UNREAL ENGINE.
Get real JACK as you are not going to conceive of anything imaginable by being inside the GROUND CONTROL TRAP and if you tell me otherwise, you are a MAJOR ASSH0LE I swear for arguing with me regarding your conceptions.
by DISTRAUGHT May 31, 2022