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An affluent community which resides next to the wasteland/urban battlefield known as Detroit. "GP" as it is called by some, is a hotbed for money, teenage marijuana smoking, and a prodigious amount of alcohol thanks to expensive fake id's and lots of money.
Hey, Bob's having people over tonight, let's leave the GP bubble, hit up Cognac Castle, and avoid the fleet of cops on the way back.
by Miltar April 29, 2005
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Despite what the other definitions here claim, there really isn't a huge drug problem here. Yes, of course, most teens here drink and many smoke weed, but the average kid here does not snort cocaine. We're not n----ers, for godsake.

Grosse Pointers are typically old money, narrow-minded, and WASP-y. We wear Ralph Lauren polos under our North Face parkas in the winter, and Reef flip-flops with Abercrombie shorts in the summer. Our weekends consist of 7-11 runs for Arizona, getting drunk in friends' basements, going to Somerset, and AP homework. Our daddy's smart and rich and works at Ford and our mommy's pretty and nice, so we're the perfect combination of looks and brains. And if not, we don't need to worry about money. There's a couple 100 grand in our inheritance, and Daddy can get us into U of M. He has connections.

The teens here are typically separated by the two high schools- North and South. North is always said to be the more "ghetto" one. It's true, but that's mostly due to the Harper Hoods trash that somehow got their way in here. South is undoubtedly the more beautiful school- but they have an actual drug issue there (hello, drug dogs?), much more than at North. But there's some rich-ass kids at North and some honest-to-God trash at South.

It's often said that Grosse Pointe is a "bubble," but let's face it, three-fourths of us will be back in the GP twenty years from now, with kids saying the same exact things.
by hallllllllllobitches January 23, 2011
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A small quiet town next to the ghetto of Detroit where drugies roam free.....the po po stop all black people driving in grosse pointe....and the kids wonder why the hell do i have to live here.....
I hate grosse pointe.
by Alex J and Evan F August 03, 2003
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A place where in the 60s 70s they payed black people to move out... They also have police who will arrest you if you have a pinch of ghetto in you... Rich people roam here... if you are black here you are NOT BE IN ANY WAY GHETTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be an oreo (black on outside white on inside)
hood rat from detroit :WADUP DOE!!!!!!!!

Grosse Pointe person: honey did you see that detroiter??? oh thank God here come the police...

hood rat from detroit: oh man that aint no fair why im getting arrested???!!!

Police officer: because you are from detroit!
by fire9025 January 20, 2010
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a city filled with the rich. you wish you could live here, but we're glad you dont because you too poor. we drive our expensive cars, wear our expensive clothing and snort only THEE finest cocaine.
-"so where do you live"
-"grosse pointe"
-"o cool. wanna hang out"
-"Ummm...well you see i would, but umm im too rich for you"
by WilliamT November 05, 2005
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A place where there are few actual black people, but many wanna-be's.
Samir is not black, he just wants to be.
by MOOOOO August 05, 2003
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The Farms, The Woods, The Park, AND the City. Where it so important to keep up the appearance of affluence, that an individual will sell their soul to the devil to maintain thier address.
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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