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The act of hitting someone in the male or female lower area with a time telling device such as a clock. It is noted that if it is done at the precise time of 6:03PM the receiver will be granted with a second sex organ.
person 1: I just totally grooshed that guy
person 2: What the hell is that even a word?
person 1: Of course i just made it up
person 2: Oh cool... i dont like happiness
person 1: Same, lets go get high on cheese!
person 2: YEAHHHH!
by Filtux July 21, 2009
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1.A groosh is someone/something who is to very unhigenic and filthy. 2.When someone speaks in a vile/rude manner. 3.When someone behaves in a rude manner. 4.Can be used as an insult, calling them unhigenic and vile.
1.A tramp is a good example of a groosh.
2."Your a fucking dirty slag" This is an example of speaking in a rude manner.
3. -Farts- -Burps- -Farts some more- Here is an example of some very groosh behaviour.
4. "Your a stupid groosh!"
by Groosh February 02, 2009
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