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to be so grombed.....that your Done soo grombles right now...i feel like i just got hit with a the stone bus
by The Bore January 28, 2010
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A sexual act involving one partner defecating into another partner's mouth, and then having said defecation orally transferred back into his own mouth, usually through kissing.
I heard Roman is up for anything. He even grombles!
by Fat Fuck Frank April 02, 2007
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Men who exhibit many of these basic features; hairyness, rotundness, greasyness, speech or breathing peculiarities, visual aids, and or enjoy computer and other antisocial activities.
by kriptik February 20, 2003
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To grub on some bomb-ass, awesome food. Typically used when drunk, high, or hungover.
(At 2 AM): Let's go gromble on some bomb ass bacon ultimate cheeseburgers.

(At 2 PM): Uuuugghhh.... Dude, I need to gromble on some greasy tacos before I barf up those 50 shots I took last night.
by Coodiecoo June 05, 2006
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