A very good chip. Sometimes called "The ghetto chip"
barbecue is 'spicy' as said by whimpy white people
I went to Kroger, and Barbecue Grippos were 4 for $5. But Jethro wouldn't eat them like LaQuisha and Vontirel. they were too spicy
by louisville199109 April 29, 2007
catnip for black people, sold under the cover of barbecue flavored potato chips.
oh shit, they got grippos! get some fool!
by 6aa March 18, 2010
A body type that isn’t skinny but also isn’t fat or chunky. (Size 8-12)

Body type just before ‘thick’.
My type of body on a girl is grippo
“Love grippo girls!”
Grippo bodies are so sexy”
by esxx.x June 9, 2020